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Solar Thermal House

The SolarChange solar thermal SkyHeater

What is Solar Thermal?

SolarChange solar thermal SkyHeaters® work with your existing heating system to cut the cost of your heat and hot water in three easy steps:

  1. The sun heats the collector tubes in our SkyHeater® installed in your roof and heats the water in our water tank.
  2. That heat is transferred to your existing domestic hot water, heating system or swimming pool to supplement or replace your existing system.
  3. You see an immediate reduction in your monthly gas and heating bills and you can monitor your energy production on-line.

Solar Thermal is different than Solar Photovoltaic (PV) which creates electricity.  Solar thermal creates hot water and is up to four times more efficient than PV.

Will Solar Thermal Save You Money?

While everyone wants to “go green,” investing in renewable technologies only makes sense if you save money.  Solar thermal technology is one of the most efficient ways to harness the power of the sun. That translates into more savings and shorter payback times than almost any other green technology that can be installed in your home.

SolarChange can eliminate your hot water heating cost and help reduce your home heating bill.  With the pool heat option, homeowners can pay for their system with savings on their energy bills in as little five years.  With federal and some state incentives, your break-even point can be shorter.  Domestic Hot Water for your household use in showers, laundry, dishwashing, etc. is a constant draw on your home heating system whether you have electric, oil, or gas. 

In the winter, the Skyheater® solution provides supplemental heat delivered through radiators installed in under-heated areas of your home such as garages, basements, bonus rooms, etc. Our system works with your existing hot air or hot water heating system.  This heat can provide savings and added use during the cold season.

For a free consultation, call toll free today (855) 790-0005.

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